Rechargeable LED Dog Collar


If you are a jogger, runner, or a cyclist, you know that wearing reflective clothing and flashing LED lights is the only way to stay safe on the road. Why not give your pets the protection they deserve? The ION™ LED dog collar provides a glow that can be seen from 300 meters away! keeping your dog visible at all times.


ION™ LED Pet Collar Features:

This light up collar uses the latest LED and fiber-optic technology. The ION™ LED collar is USB rechargeable and offers seven hours of continuous light with just a single charge. It has three flashing modes, constant glow, fast flash, and slow flash. For more information visit:

  • +7 Hours of Continuous Light
  • Rechargeable Battery (USB Cable included)
  • Three Light Modes
  • Adjustable Length
  • 1 Hour Quick Charge
Light Up Collars Benefits:

Taking your pet out for a walk at night time can be a fun and relaxing experience, but it does present some challenges and risks for you and your dog. That is why illuminated collars are great for:

  • Avoiding Trips and Hazards
  • Maintaining Visibility of Your Dog
  • Avoiding Road Traffic Hazards

Other occasions might include a camping trip to the Australian outback, and a glow collar will certainly help you keep track of your beloved dog.

Light Up Collar Sizing Guide
  • 28cm to 42cm - (French Bulldog / Cavalier / Schnauzer)
  • 38cm to 52cm - (Labrador / Border Collie / Boxer)
  • 48cm to 62cm - (German Shepherd / Retriever / Staffordshire)
How To Measure: Using a soft tape measure or a string, wrap it around your dog's neck, and then add 4cm to the measurement to determine the accurate size.